My ibook store is a market place for educational content. We create and sell following type of content through our site;
  • Flipping ebooks
  • Interactive quiz books
  • Video lectures
  • Educational games and puzzles
We provide the following services for Publishers, individual Authors and content providers.
  • Designing of Flipping ebooks
  • Creation of interactive quiz books
  • Typing of content ( In English only)
  • Publishing of ebooks and interactive books for Windows ( PC/ LAPTOP) & Android devices

Video Encryption solutions :

If you are making video lectures or classes and you wish to distribute the same for offline viewing then we can provide you the video encryption solution:

  • Videos can be played on windows PC/ Laptop and Android devices
  • Videos will be protected from unauthorised distribution.
  • Screen capturing of videos will be prevented.

Online Testing Platform :

We provide complete online testing platform for teachers, publishers, schools, small and big organisations.

  • For K-12 , Engineering & medical entrance exams, Bank PO, IBPS, CAT, CMAT MBA entrance exams
  • A database of 2 lac + questions will be available instantly upon integration
  • Customised Online test and printable worksheets can be created through this robust system
  • Tests can be taken on windows, android and IOS devices.
  • Your brand logo will be present on testing page.
  • Nominal setup fees.
  • Pay as you enrol the students.

Educational Content in DVDs and Android devices :

We provide the following content for DVDs and android devices

  • The DVDs will bear your organisation name and logo.
  • Ebooks, enotes, interactive quiz for grade 1 to 5 all boards all subjects
  • Ebooks, enotes, interactive quiz for grade 6 to 10 CBSE syllabus for Math, Science, Social studies
  • Video lectures for Math, Science and English
  • Educational games in Math, Science, English, GK & Mental ability

All the ebooks & video lectures are single user and delivered to end user in a very secure format. You can sign up as a publisher to sell your content through My ibook store or can contact us for any other requirements.


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