Online Testing System
Online Testing Platform :
We provide complete online testing platform for teachers, publishers, schools, small and big organisations.
► For K-12 , Engineering & medical entrance exams, Bank PO, IBPS, CAT, CMAT MBA entrance exams
► A database of 2 lac + questions will be available instantly upon integration
► Customised Online test and printable worksheets can be created through this robust system
► Tests can be taken on windows, android and IOS devices.
► Your brand logo will be present on testing page.
► Nominal setup fees.
► Pay as you enrol the students.
► 4 types of detailed graphical analysis of results.
Customizable online testing platform ( without database)
Institutes, organisations, schools or individual teachers can upload their own database of questions.
Admin can create printable and online both type of tests.  Students can create online and printable or only online tests)
Total 9 pattern of questions :
1. Multiple choice question with one option correct  ( online and printable option)
2. Multiple choice questions with more than one option correct. ( online and printable option)
3. True or false ( online and printable option)
4. Comprehension based. ( online and printable option)
5. Fill in the blanks ( printable only)
6. Matrix match one to one ( online and printable option)
7. Matrix match one to many ( online and printable option)
8. Subjective : one liner ( printable only)
9. Subjective : descriptive. ( printable only)
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