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Bank PO, SSC, IBPS & other competitive exams Video lectures

Quantitative Aptitude Videos (Basic)
Simplification and Calculations:
Addition & subtraction of Decimals
Addition & subtraction of Fractions
Addition & subtraction of Integers
Calculations Problem Solving Session-1
Calculations Problem Solving Session-2
Calculations Problem Solving Session-3
Math Calculations-Session-1
Math Calculations-Session-2
Math Calculations-Session-3
Math Calculations-Session-4
Math Calculations-Session-5

Square & Cube Roots:
Square and Cube Roots

Calculation of Unit Digit
Comparison of Fractions
Concepts and Formulae
Divisibility Test
Divisor,Dividend & Remainder-Session
Divisor,Dividend & Remainder-2
Factors and Factorials
Number System-Session-1
Theory of Numbers
Types of Numbers-Session-1
Types of Numbers-Session-2
HCF & LCM of Numbers:
HCF and LCM-Session-1
HCF and LCM-Session-2
HCF and LCM-Session-3
HCF and LCM-Session-4

Ratio & Proportions:
Ratio Proportion & Variations-1
Ratio Proportion & Variations-2
Ratio Proportion & Variations-3
Ratio Proportion & Variations-4
Ratio Proportion & Variations-5


Partnership, Profit & Loss:
Profit and Loss-Session-1
Profit and Loss-Session-2
Profit and Loss-Session-3
Profit and Loss-Session-4
Profit and Loss-Session-5

Allegation & Mixtures:
Allegation and Mixture-Session-1
Allegation and Mixture-Session-2
Allegation and Mixture-Session-3

Simple & Compound Interest:
Simple & Compound Interest Session-1
Simple & Compound Interest Session-2
Simple & Compound Interest Session-3
Simple & Compound Interest Session-4

Time and Work:
Pipes & Cisterns Session-1
Time & Work Session-1
Time & Work Session-2
Time & Work Session-3

Time & Distance:
Time Speed & Distance-Session-1
Time Speed & Distance-Session-2
Time Speed & Distance-Session-3
Time Speed & Distance-Session-4
Time Speed & Distance-Session-5
Time Speed & Distance-Session-6

Volume & Surface Area:
3-D Mensuration-Session-1
3-D Mensuration-Session-2
Surface area & volume-Session-1
Surface area & volume-Session-2
Surface area & volume-Session-3
Surface area & volume-Session-4
Surface area & volume-Session-5
Surface area & volume-Session-6
Surface area & volume-Session-7
Permutation-Combination & Probability:
Permutation & Combination Session-1
Permutation & Combination Session-2
Permutation & Combination Session-3
Permutation & Combination Session-4
Permutation & Combination Session-5
Permutation & Combination Session-6
Permutation & Combination Session-7
Permutation & Combination Session-8
Permutation & Combination Session-9
Permutation & Combination Session-10
Permutation & Combination Session-11
Permutation & Combination Session-12


Sequence & Series:
Geometry & Trigonometry:
Area & perimeter of plane figures Session-3
Basic problems on circles session-1
Basic problems on circles session-2
Basic problems on circles session-3
Basic problems on circles session-4
Basic problems on circles session-5
Basic problems on triangles & other polygons-1
Basic problems on triangles & other polygons-2
Basic problems on triangles & other polygons-3
Basic problems on triangles & other polygons-4
Geometry practice problems-1
Theorems on circles-session-1
Theorems on circles-session-2
Theorems on triangles quadrilaterals & other polygons-1
Theorems on triangles quadrilaterals & other polygons-2
Trigonometry Session-1
Trigonometry Session-2
Trigonometry Session-3
Trigonometry Session-4

Algebra Problem Solving Session-2
Basics of Algebra Session-1
Basics of Algebra Session-2
Basics of Algebra Session-3
Basics of Algebra Session-4
Basics of Algebra Session-5
Quantitative Aptitude Videos (Advanced)
Approximation techniques-Session-1
Bank P O quant-previous year paper-1
Bank P O quant-previous year paper-2
Bank P O quant-previous year paper-3
Comparison questions
Data Analysis-Session-1
DI and Approximation problem solving session
DI-Input-Output-doubt solving session
DI-Problems-doubt-solving session
Doubt solving session-1
QA Final Prep-Session-1
QA Final Prep-Session-2
QA Final Prep-Session-3
QA Final Prep-Session-4
QA Final Prep-Session-5
QA Final Prep-Session-6
QA Final Prep-Session-7
Quantitative Aptitude Problems Bank PO-1
Quantitative Aptitude Problems Bank PO-2
Quantitative Aptitude Problems Bank PO-3
Quantitative Aptitude Problems Bank PO-4
Quantitative Aptitude Problems Bank PO-5
Quantitative Aptitude Problems Bank PO-6
Quantitative comparison question session-1
Speed building session-1
Square root of 5 & 6 digit numbers
SSC-CGL-2013 Session-1
SSC-CGL-2013 Session-2
SSC-CGL-2013 Session-3
SSC-CGL-2013 Session-4
SSC-CGL-2013 Session-5
Verbal & Non-verbal Reasoning Videos
Analytical reasoning introduction session-1
Binary Numbers-1
Binary Numbers-2
Binary Numbers-3
Blood Relations Session
Calendars Session
Coding & Decoding-1
Coding & Decoding-2
Coding & Decoding-3
Cubes Session-1
Cubes Session-2-Advanced
Cubes Session-3-Practice Session
Data Sufficiency-1
Data Sufficiency-2
Inequalities Session
Input Output reasoning-1
Input Output reasoning-2
Matrix puzzles Session
Mirror & Water Images
Number Series-session-1
Number Series-session-2
Number Series-session-3
Number Series-session-4
Problems on Dice-Session-1
Problems on Dice-Session-2
Reasoning & Puzzles-1
Reasoning & Puzzles-2
Reasoning & Puzzles-3
Reasoning & Puzzles-4
Reasoning & Puzzles-5
Relationships session
Sitting arrangements-session-1
Statement & assumption session-1
Statement & assumption session-2
Statement & assumption session-3
Statement & assumption session-4
Statement & assumption session-5
Syllogisms Session-1
Syllogisms Session-2
Syllogisms Session-3
Syllogisms Session-4
Syllogisms Session-5
Venn Diagrams Session-1
Venn Diagrams Session-2
Venn Diagrams Video lectures-1
Venn Diagrams Video lectures-2

Data Interpretation Videos
Data Interpretation Video Session-1
Data Interpretation Video Session-2
Data Interpretation Video Session-3
Data Interpretation Video Session-4
Data Interpretation Video Session-5
Data Interpretation Video Session-6
Data Interpretation Video Session-7
Data Interpretation Video Session-8
Data Interpretation Video Session-9
Data Interpretation Video Session-11
Data Interpretation-IBPS-2013
Data Interpretation-Tips
DI-Final Prep-Session-1
DI-Final Prep-Session-2
DI-Final Prep-Session-3
Digital Root Concept
DI-Problems-Doubt-Solving Session-2
Banking and Financial
Challenging DI Problems
Computer Knowledge
Data Sufficiency
General Knowledge
Non-Verbal Reasoning
Quantitative Aptitude (Basic)
Quant Ready Reckoner
Verbal Ability
Verbal Reasoning

Practice Tests
Computer Knowledge
General Awareness & Current Affairs
Non-Verbal Reasoning-Part-1
Non-Verbal Reasoning-Part-2
Verbal Reasoning-Part-1
Verbal Reasoning-Part-2
Practice Paper Set-1
Practice Paper Set-2
Quantitative Aptitude (Basic)-Part-1
Quantitative Aptitude (Basic)-Part-2
Quant-Practice Book
English-Verbal Ability-1
English-Verbal Ability-2
English-Verbal Ability-3
English-Verbal Ability-4

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