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CSAT (IAS Prelims & Mains) competitive exams Video lectures

Data Interpretation- (Basic):-  Video Lectures Set-2:-
Session-1 Coding and Decoding-1
Session-2 Coding and Decoding-2
Session-3 Coding and Decoding-3
Session-4 Data Sufficiency-1
Session-5 Data Sufficiency-2
Session-6 Mirror and Water Images
Session-7 QA Final Prep-Session-1
Session-8 QA-Final Prep-Session-2
Session-9 QA Final Prep-Session-3
  QA Final Prep-Session-4
Quantitative Aptitude (Basic):- QA Final Prep-Session-5
Allegation and Mixtures:-  
Session-1  Video Lectures Set-3:-
Session-2 Data Interpretation
Session-3 DI-Final Prep-Session-1
  DI-Final Prep-Session-2
HCF & LCM of Numbers:- DI-Final Prep-Session-3
Session-1 Digital Root Concept
Session-2 QA Final Prep-Session-6
Session-3 QA-Final Prep-Session-7
Session-4 Data Interpretation-Tips
  Square root of 5 and 6 digit number
Calculation of Unit Digit  Video Lectures Set-4:-
Comparison of Fractions Comparison questions
Concepts and Formulae Doubt solving session-1
Divisibility Test Speed building session-1
Divisor, Dividend and Remainder-PSS-1 Syllogisms Session-4
Divisor,Dividend and Remainder-PSS-2 Syllogisms Session-5
Factors and Factorials Syllogisms-Session-3
Number System-PSS-1 Data Interpretation Session-11
Theory of Numbers  
Types of Numbers-PSS-1  Video Lectures Set-5:-
Types of Numbers-PSS-2 Logarithm Session-1
  Logarithm Session-2
Partnership, Profit & Loss:- Logarithm Session-3
Session-1 Algebra Problem Solving Session-2
Session-2 Problems on Dice
Session-3 Problems on Dice-Session-2
Session-4 Cubes Session-1
Session-5 Cubes Session-2-Advanced
  Cubes Session-3-Practice Session
Percentages:- Problems on Dice-Session-2
Session-1 Reasoning and Puzzles-1
Session-2 Reasoning and Puzzles-2
Session-3 Reasoning and Puzzles-3
Session-5 SSC-CGL Tier-1 & 2 Video-lectures:-
Session-6 Problems on circles
Session-7 Problems on Triangles
  Trigonometry Session-1
Permutation-Combination & Probability:- Trigonometry Session-2
P&C-Session-1 Trigonometry Session-3
P&C-Session-2 Trigonometry Session-4
P&C-Session-3 Basic Algebra Problem Solving Session-1
P&C-Session-4 Basics of Algebra Session-1
P&C-Session-5 Basics of Algebra Session-2
P&C-Session-6 SSC-Problem Solving session-1
P&C-Session-7 Geometry Workshop-Trepezium-1
P&C-Session-8 Geometry Workshop-Trepezium-2
P&C-Session-9 Geometry Workshop-Triangles-Quadrilaterals-1
P&C-Session-10 Geometry-Circles-Triangles-2
P&C-Session-11 Area -Ratio-1
P&C-Session-12 Geometry Session-1
Probability-Session-1 Geometry-2
Probability-Session-2 Polygon inside polygon
Probability-Session-3 Geometry Workshop-5
Probability-Session-4 Geometry Workshop-6
Probability-Session-5 Geometry Workshop-7
  Geometry workshop-9
Basic Geometry :  SSC-CGL-2014 Session-1
Theorems on circles session-1 SSC-CGL-2014 Session-2
Theorems on circles session-2 SSC-CGL-2014 Session-3
Basic problems on circles session-1 SSC-CGL-2013 Session-1
Basic problems on circles session-2 SSC-CGL-2013 Session-2
Basic problems on circles session-3 SSC-CGL-2013 Session-3
Basic problems on circles session-4 SSC-CGL-2013 Session-4
Basic problems on circles session-5 SSC-CGL-2013 Session-5
Theorems on triangles quadrilaterals & other polygons -1  
Theorems on triangles quadrilaterals & other polygons -2  
Area and perimeter of plane figures session-3 Video Lectures Set-6:-
Basic problems on triangles and other polygons-1 Reasoning and Puzzles-4
Basic problems on triangles and other polygons-2 Reasoning and Puzzles-5
Basic problems on triangles and other polygons-3 Venn Diagrams Session-1
Basic problems on triangles and other polygons-4 Venn Diagrams Session-2
  DI and Approximation problem solving session
Ratio & Proportions:- DI-Input-Output-doubt solving session
Session-1 DI-Problems-doubt- solving session
Session-2 Quant doubt Solving Session
Session-3 Number series session-1
Session-4 Number series session-2
Session-5 Number series session-3
  Number series session-4
Simple & Compound Interest:-  
Session-1 Video Lectures Set-7:-
Session-2 QA-Reasoning Doubt Solving Session
Session-3 DI-Problems-Doubt-Solving Session-2
Session-4 Doubt solving session-2
  3-D Mensuration-Session-1
Simplification & Calculations:- 3-D Mensuration-Session-2
Addition and subtraction of Decimals Doubt solving Session-3
Addition and subtraction of Fractions  
Addition and subtraction of Integers Video Lectures Set-8:-
Calculations-PSS-1 Doubt solving-Mis-1
Calculations-PSS-2 Doubt solving-Profit and loss
Math Calculations-Session-1  Video Lectures Set-9:-
Math Calculations-Session-2 SBI-PO-2013-Session-1
Math Calculations-Session-3 SBI-PO-2013-Session-2
Math Calculations-Session-4 SBI-PO-2013-Session-3
Math Calculations-Session-5 Doubt solving-Permutation and combination
  Doubt solving session-5
Square and Cube Roots:- Doubt solving, Time-Distance-Work
Session-1 Sequence and Series:
Time and Distance:- Progressions-AP-GP-HP-Session-2
Session-1 Progressions-AP-GP-HP-Session-3
Session-2 Averages:
Session-3 Averages-Session-1
Session-4 Averages-Session-2
Session-5 Averages-Session-3
Session-6 Averages-Session-4
Time and Work:- Analytical and Logical reasoning
Time and Work Session-1 Analytical reasoning introduction session-1
Time and Work Session-2 Statement and assumption session-1
Time and Work Session-3 Statement and assumption session-2
Pipes and Cisterns Session-1 Statement and assumption session-3
  Statement and assumption session-4
Surface area and Volume:- Statement and assumption session-5
Session-2 Video Lectures Set-10:-
Session-3 Data Interpretation-IBPS-2013
Session-4 Data Interpretation advance session-1
Session-5 Data Interpretation advance session-2
Session-6 Data Interpretation advance session-3
Session-7 Forcefulness of Argunments Session-1
  Forcefulness of Argunments Session-2
Quantitative Aptitude (Advance):- Quant Doubt solving session-7
Bank P O Quant-Previous Year Paper-1 Data Interpretation doubt solving session-10
Bank P O Quant-Previous Year Paper-2 Digital Root Concept
Bank P O Quant-Previous Year Paper-3 Evaluating Given Courses of Action session-1
Data Analysis-Session-1 Evaluating Inferences Session-1
Approximation Techniques-Session-1 TSD-Mixtures-Alligations doubt solving
Quantitative Aptitude Problem Solving Bank PO Session-1 DI-Doubt solving session-4
Quantitative Aptitude Problem Solving Bank PO Session-2 Quant doubt solving session-9
Quantitative Aptitude Problem Solving Bank PO Session-3 Quant doubt solving session-10
Quantitative Aptitude Problem Solving Bank PO Session-4 Simple and compound interest doubt solving
Quantitative Aptitude Problem Solving Bank PO Session-5 Venn diagrams maximum-minimum problems
Quantitative Aptitude Problem Solving Bank PO Session-6 Mensuration-doubt solving
Quantitative Comparison Question Session-1 Number system-SSC-CGL-previous year problems
  Simple and Compound interest Tricks
Verbal and Non verbal Reasoning:- Trigonometry doubt solving session-1
Binary Numbers-1  
Binary Numbers-2 Video Lectures Set-11:-
Binary Numbers-3 Data interpretation practice problems-A
Blood Relations Quant doubt solving session-11
Calendars Reasoning and puzzles-A
Clocks-1 Reasoning problems-Arrangements
Clocks-2 SBI-PO 2014 Data interpretation session-1
Inequalities SBI-PO 2014 Data interpretation session-2
Input Output Reasoning-1 SBI-PO-2014-Reasoning problem solving
Input Output Reasoning-2 Doubt solving-Session-12
Matrix Puzzles Reasoning and Puzzles-Session-6
Sitting Arrangements-Session-1  
Venn Diagrams-Session-1  
Venn Diagrams-Session-2  

e-Books Practice Tests
Banking and Financial Computer Knowledge
Challenging DI Problems General Awareness & Current Affairs
Computer Knowledge Non-Verbal Reasoning-Part-1
Data Sufficiency Non-Verbal Reasoning-Part-2
General Knowledge Verbal Reasoning-Part-1
Non-Verbal Reasoning Verbal Reasoning-Part-2
Verbal Reasoning Practice Paper Set-1
Quantitative Aptitude (Basic) Practice Paper Set-2
Verbal Ability-English Quantitative Aptitude (Basic)-Part-1
Quant Ready Recokner Quantitative Aptitude (Basic)-Part-2
  Quant-Practice Book
  English-Verbal Ability-1
  English-Verbal Ability-2
  English-Verbal Ability-3
  English-Verbal Ability-4

English Lectures English Videos for competitive exams
1. is, am, are in present simple English- workshop-1-Tenses
2. is, am, are in present simple English- workshop-2-Tenses
3. There is, There are English workshop-3-verbs
4. Simple Present Tense English workshop-4-verbs
5. Simple Present Tense English workshop-5-verbs
6. Present Continuous Tense Common errors-1 (Subject-Verb agreement)
7. Present Perfect Tense Sentence Correction session-1
8. Present Perfect Tense Sentence Correction session-2
9. Present Perfect continuous Tense Sentence Correction session-3
10. Present Perfect simple Vs, continuous Tense Sentence Correction session-4
11. Simple past tense Sentence Correction session-5
12. Simple past tense Sentence Correction session-6
13. Past continuous Tense Sentence Correction session-7
14. Past simple-continuous-perfect Videos posted on 01-12-2014
15. Past perfect Tense Spotting errors session-1
16. Will and Shall Spotting errors session-2
17. have got, has got Spotting errors session-3
18. For-Since-Ago Spotting errors session-4
19. Passive voice Videos posted on 27-12-2014
20. Passive Voice Spotting errors session-5
21. Practice 1 Spotting errors session-6
22. Used to Spotting errors session-7
23. may-might, can-could Spotting errors session-8
24. Practice-can-could, may-might Sentence improvement session-1
25. Practice 2 Sentence improvement session-2
26. Question Tags Sentence improvement session-3
27. Making Questions Sentence improvement session-4
28. Must, Should, Need, have to Sentence improvement session-5
29. Must, should, need, have to-practice session Sentence improvement session-6
30. Must Vs have to had to will have to Sentence improvement session-7
31. Should ought to would like to Sentence improvement session-8
32. few little, a few a little Phrase substitution session-1
33. A lot of, lots of,much, many Phrase substitution session-2
34. each, every, either, neither Phrase substitution session-3
35. each, every, either, neither-practice session Phrase substitution session-4
36. some any something, anything Phrase substitution session-5
37. some any someting etc. practice session  
38. questions part-1 English Video Lectures-Set-3
39. Parts of speech-introduction Adjectives session-1
40. Nouns Adjectives session-2
41. pronouns part-1 Adjectives session-3
42. pronouns part-2 Adjective practice session-1
Videos posted on 01-12-2014 Adjective practice session-2
Reported speech session-1 Adjective practice session-3
Reported speech session-2  
Reported speech session-3  
Reported speech session-Practice session-1  
Reported speech session-Practice session-2  
Reported speech session-Practice session-3  


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